Villa Gorilla
Based in Stockholm, Sweden

Release date:
May 29, 2018

Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One


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Yoku’s Island Express is an open world/metroidvania-style pinball adventure, Seamlessly blending platform navigation with pinball mechanics across a large open world. Yoku the dung beetle sets foot on the beach of Mokumana Island, ready to take on the duties as the new postman. But the ancient island God is trapped in a restless sleep and the islanders are plagued by quakes and storms brought forth by its nightmares. Yoku's Island Express is a unique and quirky adventure with handcrafted visuals, where you’ll soar through the air, vacuum explosive snails, witness the prophecy of the God Egg, fight a Screetch, save the Island god, and hopefully help tiny Yoku straighten out the island post office.


Yoku's Island Express is inspired by the joy of exploration of a young child, having just found the entrance to a secret garden, or unlocked the door to an attic full of wonderful and interesting things to discover. It takes some of its direction from Studio Ghibli films, where nature is infused with spirit and life, but combined with a strong focus on painterly, hand-made visuals where all the locations are unique and hand-made. It's a world of bold, organic shapes with strong colors basking in bright sunlight - but where there is light there is shadow, and the journey takes us deep into the hidden mysteries of Mokumana Island. Villa Gorilla was founded by AAA-industry veterans Jens Andersson and Mattias snygg, working in their own proprietary engine with the goal of exploring game ideas that would never get made in big-studio environments. Working in a small 3-man group with fast iteration times, the team has struck out fresh to do something that feels personal and unique.


  • Genre combining open world pinballing
  • Unique beautifully handpainted artwork
  • An island filled with unique creatures, both big and small
  • Action-packed nonlinear gameplay that awards exploration


Abilities Trailer YouTube

Story Trailer YouTube

Welcome to Mokumana Island Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

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Selected Articles

  • "As games go, it feels like pure sunshine."
    - Tom Phillips, eurogamer.net
  • "Villa Gorilla describe it as “an open world/metroidvania-style pinball adventure” and what a handsome open world it is."
    - Adam Smith, rockpapershotgun.com

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About Villa Gorilla

Villa Gorilla is located in Stockholm, Sweden and was founded in 2013 by industry veterans Jens Andersson and Mattias Snygg. Our goal is to create small and unique games with a focus on innovative game design and beautiful execution.

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Yoku's Island Express Credits

Jens Andersson
Designer Programmer, Villa Gorilla

Mattias Snygg
Designer Artist, Villa Gorilla

Linus Larsson
Designer Level Designer, Villa Gorilla

Johanna Stålberg
Intern Artist, Villa Gorilla

Thomas Bible
Sound Designer, Freelance

Jesse Harlin
Composer, Freelance

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